Education Reform Webcast

Speakers at the webcast

Video from "Successful Education Reforms in High-Need Districts," a webcast release of the Realize the Dream report, simulcast from Capitol Hill and High Tech High in San Diego.

You can view the full webcast (Real Media video, approximately one hour) or choose from the segments listed below.

Wade Henderson

Wade Henderson, Executive Director of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (Real Media video, 2:45)

Gov. Bob Wise

Governor Bob Wise, President, Alliance for Excellent Education (Real Media video, 4:42)

Jason Kamras

Jason Kamras, National Teacher of the Year and Teach For America alumnus (Real Media video)

Kristian Smith

Kristian Smith, student, Higher Achievement Program (Real Media video)

Dr. Irwin Jacobs

Dr. Irwin Jacobs, Founder, QUALCOMM Corporation (Real Media video)

Larry Rosenstock

Larry Rosenstock, CEO, High Tech High Learning (Real Media video, 4:32)

Isaac Jackson

Isaac Jackson, student, High Tech High (Real Media video, 2:53)

Tuyaymya Osuna

Tuyaymya Osuna, student, High Tech High (Real Media video, 2:14)

Senator Barbara Boxer

Senator Barbara Boxer, lead sponsor, Boxer-Ensign amendment to the ESEA (Real Media video)

Q&A Session (Real Media video)

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