Realize the Dream Report

Table of Contents


Ensuring Adequate Funding and Facilities

  • 1. Schools need adequate funding.
  • 2. Schools need cutting-edge facilities — especially in science, math, and technology.

Fostering Academic Achievement and Accountability

  • 3. All students must participate in a rigorous academic curriculum.
  • 4. Academic goals must be clearly defined and accurately measured.
  • 5. Schools should be held accountable for failure and recognized for success.
  • 6. The best teachers must be matched with the neediest students.
  • 7. Schools must work in close partnership with early education and post-secondary programs.
  • 8. All students must have high quality supplemental academic programs and challenging after-school opportunities.

Expanding Social, Developmental, and Health Supports

  • 9. Schools must offer adequate social, developmental, and health supports.
  • 10. Schools must have high expectations for all their students.

Encouraging Strong Leadership and Community Partnerships

  • 11. Communities must encourage and support strong school leaders.
  • 12. Teachers must have high quality training and professional development opportunities, especially in math, science, and technology.
  • 13. Schools must effectively engage parents and communities in children’s academic achievement.